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Michael understands that there is fear and fascination with reptiles.

  • For this reason:
  • He is always aware of and acknowledges that fear of reptiles is perfectly acceptable.
  • He goes out of his way to protect those that may be afraid.
  • He points out where the exits are in case someone feels the need to leave the room (He prefers the exits be behind the audience rather than behind him).
  • He does not approach people with the animals, he allows people to approach him.
  • He has a rule that no one may scare anyone with one of his animals.
  • He lets people know when he is bringing out lizards and when he is bringing out snakes.
  • Everyone gets an opportunity to pet the animals or just look at them closely, whatever their comfort level

Schools and Camps

  • Mostly educational with entertainment to enhance the presentation
  • Word search puzzle and solution available
  • List of animals to research before the presentation
  • List of words and definitions that will be used in the presentation
  • The teacher may send students' questions prior to the presentation which will be answered during the presentation.
  • Questions during the presentation are limited due to time constraints.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts (YES! Girls love reptiles too!)

  • Entertaining and educational
  • Great for beginning of the year recruitment and banquets (such as Blue and Gold or Mother/Father – Daughter)
  • Appropriate for all ages


  • Educational and entertaining
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Presentations can be catered to teen programs, children’s programs, or family presentations
  • We always promote patrons using the library for information and books
  • We encourage children to ask an adult to help them research their questions with library resources

Birthday Parties

  • Mostly entertaining with some educationally interesting facts and information
  • The birthday person sits next to the presenter
  • The birthday person may hold the animals (if they'd like to) while they are being presented
  • Invite everyone. Appropriate for all ages
  • Pictures and videos are encouraged
  • Each person can have their picture taken with an animal to send home with the thank you note
  • Presentations may be outside if the temp is 75 - 85 degrees and shade is available

Company Picnics and Family Gatherings

  • Invite our Reptile Zoo to your next function
  • Animals are displayed for viewing and petting
  • Come and go as you please
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Questions and information are informally answered and given
  • Three hour time frame



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